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File Upload

Use the file upload utility for uploading files for printing.

Please read the following instructions before proceeding:

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill ALL fields.
  2. For safety reasons only ZIP files are permitted. Please combine multiple files into one or more ZIP file and upload.
  3. Maximum file size permitted for each ZIP file is 256 MB.
  4. If required you can upload multiple files.
  5. Please provide a brief message in the comment section explaining the purpose of the files being uploaded for proper processing by our staff.
  6. Large files may take a few minutes to be uploaded, so kindly be patient and DO NOT refresh your screen during upload. On successful completion you will see a confirmation message.
  7. If upload fails once, try refreshing the screen and making another attempt. If you still experience difficulties, please call us on the number displayed on the website for assistance.

File Upload

Fill the form below and upload file for printing.


Maximum size 128 Mb.
Only PDF, JPEG, AI, PSD & ZIP files allowed.

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